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Seamless communication between the utility services provider and the primary contractor is critical to the success of an event. We anticipate the contractor’s needs and coordinate our efforts to complete the installation on schedule and on budget. Edlen is the contractor of choice working with over 100 different contractors each year, including every major general service contractor in the nation.



events with the nation’s five largest general service contractors

General Service Contractors

Edlen values its relationship with general service contractors throughout the country. We work together in a cohesive way that enables us to service all customer needs while providing an exceptional customer service experience.

"Edlen is the best in the industry and provides our clients with a first-class experience. They are an extension of our team and we have witnessed them going above and beyond in support of our interests on numerous occasions."

Steve Basch | CEO

Shepard Exposition Services

"By strategically delivering on our client’s power needs within the overall production schedule, Edlen delivers the highest quality services at the best possible price. This collaboration allows us to maximize cost efficiencies over the duration of our event, year after year."

Matt Leach | Producer

Eggs and Bacon

Production Companies

Production companies rely upon Edlen’s expertise and timeliness to deliver power to both front and back of house productions. From general sessions to corporate events, Edlen delivers!

EACs & Event Planning Companies

Edlen works side-by-side with exhibitor appointed contractors on the trade show and exhibit floor. Event planning companies also require Edlen’s services as they focus on product launches, conferences and corporate events. Edlen is behind the scenes providing electrical services to ensure successful events for all of our customers.

"We love working with Edlen, the entire team is top notch. We have worked on WWF since its inception and the Edlen team was one of the most efficient yet. Any on site requests were handled quickly. It was very helpful to have the same team members on site every day. We looking forward to working with Edlen's crew again!"

Tina Carlson | President

Ivan Carlson